We recently purchased a home that was built in the early 70s – single-pane windows. Unfortunately, with the first rain we found out that most of the windows leaked. We looked at a few window installers, but didn’t find a good fit (one of them even came to measure the windows promising us a bid, left his window display at our home, and then never responded to our calls or emails). Needless to say, we were frustrated by this point. We kept looking for window companies with good reviews and found [Bayou City] Windows. Michael responded promptly and was meeting with us at our home in the next few days. He spent over an hour educating us on the various window products, what to consider in design, etc. He was very patient and very informative. It was clear that his first priority was our satisfaction. We put our order in (and [Bayou City Windows] has great financing), he had his foreman confirm measurements a few days later, and in about 3 weeks the windows were ready for install. Initially Michael had estimated that install would take 1 and a half days. With a 2 year-old and a dog, we were a bit concerned, but figured we’d make do. Come the morning of the install, Michael took it upon himself to put together an extra-large crew. As someone who used to do carpentry and home renovation I can tell you these guys worked seamlessly; they were good and got the whole job done in about 6 hours. Wow! Aside from a great product (these windows look beautiful and you can’t beat the warranty!), it’s obvious Michael likes what he does, and I always look for that as a customer. If people enjoy what they do, they make a point to be good at it. We highly recommend Michael and [Bayou City] windows.